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Brian's Club (named after Brian Krebs) is a safe and secure marketplace allowing users to trade compromised credit card information. We have experienced rapid expansion since its establishment in 2014. With over 100k registered users and annual transactions totaling billions of dollars, we are the world's largest market for stolen credit card data. Read on to learn more about the platform.

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In order to ensure the security and anonymity of all users, Brian's Club is ONLY available on the darknet via the Tor Network. DO NOT use clearnet links, these will always be phishing sites or honeypots.

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About Brian's Club

Welcome to the largest and safest dark web credit card marketplace. We are sure you will find something you like. Let's start with some educational facts;

What’s happening? Checkers, checking? Lets see the differences in results on different checkers or even the same checker.

What is checking? Who is checking?

It literally means a random amount about from 0.01 to 10 USD to check from your providers. Authorization request is a term that usually Hotels or Airlines or some companies using to check your credit card when you book it online or on the phone. Once the issuer bank answers with a code of 00 Approval > It is placed on hold which can't be deducted.

Once you arrive your destination, flight bed or other services then they charge you.

Now lets go back to checkers, there are many markets such as Try2Check, Card-OK, LuxChecker, ZeroCheck which would be sending authorization requests to the cards you want to check, but once the card's issuing bank is providing 00 Approval response code, they are voiding this transaction.

Then If card issuer says 05 Decline response code, then there's nothing to void, since no amount of money was "frozen" on card.

Clear so far? Keep reading.

A checker is bunch of merchant accounts used in random. Each time, you push the button to check, it will be checked by a different merchant account. This is to avoid the overkill or flag the merchant, nothing else. That’s why checker is supposed to renew the list of merchant accounts. If not, banks catch up the numbers and huge numbers will get declined.

A merchant account is a trading account. Let’s say you are a hairdresser and you need one. You provide all your details such as licence, social security, docs, this and that and bank approves your application. Surely you will need a POS terminal. As you see that terminal will be registered in that state and region specifically. This is important because regions have specific codes. Otherwise it would be a different state or a county.

Checkers are onto thousands of various accounts which are from different locations. This is called region lock. Banks now their own AI to filter the activity. There are map patterns at work. Imagine you are buying PS5 with that card in some state and the owner filling the gas tank in other.

You might say, just sell me the dumps! However, out of character purchases might cause your card to get canceled or bigger situations. Be mindful of this and spend safely.

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Our Rules

  • We only sell dumps and cvv2 cards, fulls and look-up services, nothing else.
  • The only way to reach us is to create a ticket.
  • No free tests. We have been having a good reputation for a long time.
  • Immediate bans for cloning accounts, hacking attempt and abusing the refund policy.
  • Red indicates no refunds for this particular card.
  • We are not a cloud service, save your details on some other device, old data will be deleted.

Refund Policy

Tell us your response codes via a ticket.

Case 1:

Response codes: DECLINE (05), HOLD-CALL (04, 07, 41, 43), EXPIRED CARD (54), OTHER: 01, 14, 15, 51, 62, 78 CODE.

Approved dumps cannot be refunded. We cannot guarantee or control account balance on cards we sell. Valid cards with low balance are non refundable. Check the Orders page please.

  • Default replacement time is 3 hours (if purchased less than 20 dumps)
  • If percent of replaced dumps is 0-10% - replacement time is 48 hours
  • If percent of replaced dumps is 11-15% - replacement time is 24 hours
  • If percent of replaced dumps is 16-25% - replacement time is 12 hours
  • If percent of replaced dumps is 26-35% - replacement time is 6 hours
  • If percent of replaced dumps is 36-50% - replacement time is 1 hour
  • If percent of replaced dumps is more than 60% - no replacements
Case 2:


Response codes: DECLINE (05), HOLD-CALL (04, 07, 41, 43), EXPIRED CARD (54), OTHER: 01, 14, 15, 51, 62, 78, 82, EA, EB, N7 CODE.

Approved dumps cannot be refunded. We cannot guarantee or control account balance on cards we sell. Valid cards with low balance are non refundable. Check Orders Page please.

  • Default replacement time is 1 hour (if purchased less than 20 cards)
  • If percent of replaced cards is 0-10% - replacement time is 12 hours
  • If percent of replaced cards is 11-15% - replacement time is 6 hours
  • If percent of replaced cards is 16-25% - replacement time is 3 hours
  • If percent of replaced cards is 26-35% - replacement time is 2 hours
  • If percent of replaced cards is 36-50% - replacement time is 1 hour
  • If percent of replaced cards is more than 50% - no replacements

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Our Lottery

Set your alarm for every Monday 9 pm Eastern Time Zone. Then purchase your ticket for $5 Wait for the winners to be announced by our auto-system. You can buy up to 5 tickets! You may not buy any if you have less than 100 USD in your total deposits or if you have not purchased anything in the last 2 weeks…

  • 1st spot for the gold medal gets 30% of the jackpot
  • Silver gets 20% of the jackpot
  • Bronze gets 10% of the jackpot
  • From 4th to 25th the remaining 40% pot will split evenly between the 22 winners

Brian's Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is sold here?
    We will provide you the dumps (track2/track1) with country, state and zip info. We also have CVV2 cards. You may check the details from our checking Tools page.
    How do I pay here?
    Click on the 'add funds' page next to your balance (top left corner) and select your deposit method. We accept; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.
    If there is no activity in the account in 5 days, all will be deleted by our system. Therefore you must make sure you make at least 1 purchase by then.
    Is paying with Bitcoin a long process?
    Once you send it, it may take from 20 minutes to 1 day as it requires 2 confirmations in the blockchain. To ensure you reach 2 confirmations quickly, ensure you send a sufficiently high transaction fee. Litecoin, Dash and Monero are all significantly faster and cheaper so we recommend those.
    What is your Crab Rating?
    A service by us to encourage spending. Let's explain it with an example;
    In the last 60 days, you deposited 5000 and refunded the dumps of 2000. 5000-2000=3000 which will give you 3 crabs. This will give you a 1.5% discount for all retail orders and ability to see the newest updates without any wait.
    Does your system check my cards automatically?
    No, never. Only you can. If the unchecked ones change their status, it is because all items are older than 3 days. These will then be deleted from your shopping cart. Previous orders older than 3 months and other tickets and payments will be deleted in the interests of security and database performance.
    What is VALID T ?
    VALID T means, refundable period is over. Our system marks it as valid > non-refundable. It wasn’t checked by our system but was marked.
    BIN means?
    Bank Identification Number. You can check some in our BINs lookup for fun and for free! If you do not have any, use our examples; 414709, 601100, 542418.
    How to generate Track1?
    If you have Track2 and cardholder's name, you may generate it through our Track1 Generator.
    Can I buy drugs and counterfeit items on Brians Club?
    No, we are a platform for CVV, fullz and dumps only. Try here if that's what you're after.
    I need help with something else!
    Submit a ticket through the market once you've registered for an account.

Checker's Auth Codes:

Auth Code Auth Message Definition
00 Approved Approved And Completed
85 Card Ok No Reason to Decline
01 Call Refer To Issuer
02 Call Refer To Issuer - Special Condition
28 No Reply File is temporarily Unavailable
91 No Reply Issuer Or Switch Is Unavailable
04 Hold-call Or Pick Up Card Pick Up Card
07 Hold-Call Or Pick up Card Pick Up Card - Special Condition
41 Hold-Call Or Pick up Card Pick Up Card - Lost
43 Hold-Call Or Pick up Card Pick Up Card Stolen
EA Acct Length Err Verification Error
79 Already Reversed Already reversed at switch
13 Amount Error Invalid amount
14 Card No. Error Invalid Card Number
82 Cashback Not App Cahback limit exceeded
N3 Cashback Not Avl Cashback Service Not Available
EB Check Digit Err Verification Error
EC CID Format Error Verification Error
80 Date Error Invalid Date
05 Decline Do Not Honor
51 Decline Insufficient Funds
N4 Decline Exceeds Issuer Withdrawal Limit
61 Decline Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62 Decline Invalid Service Code, Restricted
65 Decline Activity Limit Exceeded
93 Decline Violation, Cannot Complete
54 Expired Card Expired Card
12 Invalid Trans Invalid Transaction
78 No Account No Account
15 No Such Issuer No Such Issuer
19 Re Enter Re-Enter Transaction
57 Serv Not Allowed Trans. Not Permitted-Card
58 Serv Not Allowed Trans. Not Permitted-Terminal
96 System Error System Malfunction
N7 CVV2 Mismatch CVV2 Value supplied is invald

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